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In solidarity with the balloon girl… KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — Police have charged a woman who was detained earlier today for distributing Bersih 4 balloons at an upscale shopping mall here for allegedly attempting to stir some trouble, according to the suspect’s lawyer. It is understood that Bilqis Hijjas, the daughter of prominent architect Hijjas […]

One of the things I like about protests are the signs. This refers to the Home Ministry’s petty law gazetted on Friday to ban all yellow t-shirts with the word Bersih 4 on it. Walking around KL, or if you used the public transport over the weekends, you would see the level of civil disobedience. This […]

Given the nonsense going on with respect to NGOs and foreign funding, I am glad IDEAS has come up with something: Press Statement on foreign funding for Malaysian entities Barisan Nasional MPs should not be so paranoid about the incoming of foreign funds to support NGOs in Malaysia. After all, Barisan Nasional parties also receive American support, […]

And so I went. I went because I remembered a line from CNN long ago. The news network ran an advertisement showing videos of important development from around the world. It ended with a line, “where were you?” I do not want to answer, in the future, “I was in my bed.” I will not […]

I am currently at home, contemplating whether I should be going to the biggest event of the year so far or stay at home in my bed, reading books or simply enjoy the Saturday. The biggest event of the year yet is the Bersih’s sit-in in Kuala Lumpur. I participated in both the previous incarnations […]

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