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The very silly spat between Malaysia and Indonesia is a huge disappointment for regionalists who dream to repeat the European experiment of closer integration in Southeast Asia. It may be silly but it has dire ramifications to regionalism in the region. Even if one is not a regionalist but simply a citizen of either country […]

Death is always unpleasant for life is always too precious to waste. Hence, I greet the death of Noordin Mohammed Top with a kind of bitter sweet feeling. Part of me regretted it while the other half is happy to learn that regional terrorist network has lost an important figurehead.[1] His ideal is disagreeable and […]

I do feel that in many cases, general Malaysians do have unfair perception of Indonesia as well as have acted unfairly against far too many Indonesians living in Malaysia. But the current sentiment in Indonesia is bordering a ridiculous level. Silly jingoism is playing out in Indonesia. In the Jakarta Globe, a state recording executive claims […]

Trivia: How does Southeast Asia treat its first and only winner of the Nobel Prize? Answer: The home country throws her into prison (okay, it was commuted to home arrest…) and others in the region do nothing. BANGKOK — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader, was sentenced Tuesday to three years of hard […]

I have not been blogging religiously as I want to. This is due to slightly being overwhelmed with school work, stuff to do for the Malaysia Think Tank as well as the Malaysian Nature Society, meeting people planning a revolution and writing in general. And how do I solve the problem? By playing Championship Manager. […]

Indonesia can be an important factor in the creation of a liberal democratic Malaysia. Its sheer size, its proximity to Malaysia and deep ties that bind both countries prevent any pretension that our developmental path is independently of each other. It is for this reason that recent liberal, democratic, and economic advancements in Indonesia are […]

The postal service mistakenly sent the following letter to my house: I do not know the content of the letter for sure because I do not have the authority to open it. Judging from the envelope however, I would risk guessing that it contains a ballot for Indonesian living abroad to use to partipate in […]

Wages in Malaysia are generally depressed. Protectionists blame foreign labor as the main cause of that depression. According to them, if we are less dependent on foreign labor — low-skilled mostly — wages will go up. So, they want to kick out as many foreign labor as possible. Even all, for the extremists. They make […]

I blew up this morning when I read a legal counsel of a person who grievously harmed another person requested for the judge to show leniency. The lawyer reasoned that the perpetrator is a single mother, implying that the welfare of her two children is at risk if the system punishes her too harshly. The audacity […]

A third bridge? PUTRAJAYA, June 11 (Bernama) — Singapore is quite keen on the construction of a third bridge linking the republic to Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Thursday. “The concept of the third bridge on the eastern side of Johor is something which we will pursue, and Singapore is quite […]

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