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Some peace is not worth it. A state that suppresses its citizens and others does not deserve peace for such peace only allows the state to continue to use its power to bully. Peace is sustainable only if rights are respected. No peace can stand with disrespect. For other peace, it is worth the shot […]

I meant to write this more than a year ago when Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that the Malaysian government agreed to relocate Keretapi Tanah Melayu’s terminus from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands. News that the Tanjong Pagar Station will finally close on July 1 encourages me to open up my archive of unfinished writings and […]

I am happy that the Malaysian soccer team beat Indonesia by a large margin in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup final. This is especially so when Malaysia was beaten by 5 goals to 1 by Indonesia in the group stage earlier. While I do believe that the team deserves the win — the […]

The University hosted President Jose Ramos Horta of East Timor recently and I was lucky enough to get a seat for his speech. After Joseph Stiglitz, the President is the second ever Nobel Prize winner that I have had the opportunity to listen to first hand. The speech was interesting, but it was not a […]

A Malaysian diplomat once told me that among the neighbors of Malaysia, Thailand is our closest. He reasoned that despite stark difference in culture, Thailand has never been hostile to Malaysia, unlike Indonesia and the Philippines, which are supposedly our brothers. Thailand even helped Malaysia when the communist waged war against the federation. And compared […]

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