Economics Humor Poetry

[2655] The financing gap poem

There are Harold and Kumar,
after Harrod and Domar,
a high rate of development,
after a great pot investment.


[2631] Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble, gobble,
so loudly at the table!
Many thanks for the turkey,
and also for the tea!

Economics Poetry Politics & government

[2628] 5.2% in the third quarter, 5.6% in the second and 5.1% in the first

It’s above consensus,
so says the missus,
so shall we pop the champagne,
and start with the campaign?

Conflict & disaster Humor Poetry Politics & government

[2621] Sandy, Sandy, go away

Sandy, Sandy everywhere,
Sandy messes with your hair,
Sandy says she’s coming,
Sandy sends everyone flying.

Sandy crashes into the shore,
straight into Jersey Shore,
Sandy’s a storm that’s horrible,
crossing a show that’s terrible.

But what’s the price,
of an October Surprise,
when everybody expects,
what everybody expects?

Books & printed materials Poetry

[2549] Goodbye Lexington

Up in Washington,
he wrote the Lexington,
now in the mist,
no longer an economist.

(Peter David, the Lexington columnist at The Economist, died in a car crash in D.C. yesterday)