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There are Harold and Kumar, after Harrod and Domar, a high rate of development, after a great pot investment.

[2631] Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble, gobble, so loudly at the table! Many thanks for the turkey, and also for the tea!

It’s above consensus, so says the missus, so shall we pop the champagne, and start with the campaign?

Sandy, Sandy everywhere, Sandy messes with your hair, Sandy says she’s coming, Sandy sends everyone flying. Sandy crashes into the shore, straight into Jersey Shore, Sandy’s a storm that’s horrible, crossing a show that’s terrible. But what’s the price, of an October Surprise, when everybody expects, what everybody expects?

Up in Washington, he wrote the Lexington, now in the mist, no longer an economist. (Peter David, the Lexington columnist at The Economist, died in a car crash in D.C. yesterday)

[2535] Well done Everton!

While we turn, for Everton, we drink tea, for City!

In the world of the Parliament, and in the business of amendments, they can buy time, with a measly dime.

Dancing in the night, in that sexy tight, but watch out for the knights, because they’re uptight

Money, my honey, buys you a pony, and if you’re lucky, it’ll buy you a lackey.

[2519] A singing bird

Oh singing bird, please let me sleep, anymore I would leap, to throw you some turd.

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