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I initially had a webpage on Geocities. I did not update it too often and the content was very basic because it was a hassle to keep changing the page all the time. I was also new to HTML. Then Blogger came along. Less coding and more writing. I started to write, or blog, more […]

[2399] A-twittering around

Twitter is taking much of my blogging time away. That explains the dearth of posts here. If you are in the appetite for an angrier, snappier and a snarkier me, follow me on Twitter.

I said I was working on it. I finally decided to do it. I tweaked the code for this blog to make the template wider to accommodate larger pictures that I post. I originally posted pictures with the width of 500px only , partly because I was being paranoid about people stealing it, about bandwidth and mostly […]

I have not been blogging actively for the past few months. This is mostly due to my commitment to The Malaysian Insider. I have discovered that maintaining a column is harder than consistently updating a blog. I do not know how others do it but I certainly have to make compromise among various choices. Number […]

Yes, it is holiday for the University. I myself will be leaving the city on Monday to treat myself with a trip, after all those hectic days. As you can see, I have stripped away those green colors in favor of a more minimalist style. Yes, I had nothing to do today and I needed […]

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