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I initially had a webpage on Geocities. I did not update it too often and the content was very basic because it was a hassle to keep changing the page all the time. I was also new to HTML. Then Blogger came along. Less coding and more writing. I started to write, or blog, more […]

[2399] A-twittering around

Twitter is taking much of my blogging time away. That explains the dearth of posts here. If you are in the appetite for an angrier, snappier and a snarkier me, follow me on Twitter.

I said I was working on it. I finally decided to do it. I tweaked the code for this blog to make the template wider to accommodate larger pictures that I post. I originally posted pictures with the width of 500px only , partly because I was being paranoid about people stealing it, about bandwidth and mostly […]

I have not been blogging actively for the past few months. This is mostly due to my commitment to The Malaysian Insider. I have discovered that maintaining a column is harder than consistently updating a blog. I do not know how others do it but I certainly have to make compromise among various choices. Number […]

Yes, it is holiday for the University. I myself will be leaving the city on Monday to treat myself with a trip, after all those hectic days. As you can see, I have stripped away those green colors in favor of a more minimalist style. Yes, I had nothing to do today and I needed […]

GaryWBush, Musa, Gul, Anti PAS, Jim Tan or whatever pseudonyms you choose to assume, I have a reminder for you. You are not welcome here for past impersonation done here and at other places. This is a private property and definitely not a public space. I am exercising my liberty on my property. You are […]

[1385] Of testing WordPress 2.3

Please ignore. Ah. Something is wrong with comment authentication mechanism. I will repair it later. Like I get lots of comments anyway… the __earthinc now accepts trackback. This blog is now accepting comments again.

I would like to warn everybody that a person is masquerading as me and is posting inflammatory comments at several blogs. In many ways, he is damaging my reputation with clear intent. It is highly likely that the impostor goes by the nick Abdullah Gul. One proof to back my allegation is his IP address. […]

I am testing two new plugins. So, let us begin! This survey is not as nearly as scientific at all. So, if there is any statistician wannabe out there, spare me the lecture. p/s — The Background is probably Third Eye Blind’s most underrated song. pp/s — this is a sticky post. I intend to […]

So, whoever you are, be warned. I will delete it without hesitation. Also, I am tired of spams. Therefore, I have added an anti-spam measure. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the new function.

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