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Most of the times, I find that the best shots are impromptu in manner. This one is a shot of a window at my home. I really like the photo. The green backgroud seems to be out of focus. I’m not sure whether it would be better if I were to focus on the background […]

Michigan has won the little solar brown jug, or whatever it is called. ASC 2005 is Michigan’s! It’s official! [Hotlinking removed. Michigan’s Hail to the Victor was here. Kindly go to instead] You know you wanna hear that =) Now, to the land down under for the World Solar Challenge.

Did you hear that? Michigan is the first team to cross the finish line in Calgary! But first placing is not official yet. We will have to wait for the organizer to announce the result as there is a possibility, no matter how small it is, that Michigan might have incurred some sort of penalty. […]

Dedicated to Mirai Aki, Ivan and all the members of University of Michigan Solar Car Team 2003. And to SpectrUM. Michigan is currently first enroute to Calgary. Word has it that it’s getting cloudy over. If that is so, it seems that race is not over yet. In any case, go get em Mirai! p/s […]

Michigan, as in right now, officially, is leading the pack in American Solar Challenge 2005. According to official timing update, Michigan is well over 10 minutes ahead of the nearest challenger, Minnesota. Almost all teams are currently in Medicine Hat, Canada, preparing for the final stage – a dash to Calgary. Minnesota in their blog […]

Michigan has been racing in the American Solar Challenge for eight days now and is currently, seems to be first in the Canadian prairie though on the record, Minnesota is the leader. As Michigan has said, it is too close to know for sure who really is first. I’ve been following the race right here […]

[552] Of go Big Ten?

According to GPS tracker on ASC site, Michigan is currently trying to wrestle the first spot from Minnesota. Minnesota has unexpected, at least to me, become a competitive rival. A couple harsh words have been exchanged by visitors on Michigan’s blog but as one person put, roughly, go Big Ten schools seem to dominate the […]

Michigan is currently third in the American Solar Challenge. They were first but they had to stop to charge their battery. While charging, Minnesota and Missouri-Rolla overtook Michigan to take the current first and second placing. According to Michigan’s blog, they are still first in term of time. However, by looking at the current position […]

The American Solar Challenge 2005 started last Sunday and Michigan started at the 5th rung in Austin, Taxes. By the second day, Blue’s at one in Kansas! w00t! Archrival (just in solar car race, mind you) Misourri-Rolla is currently third and the kicked-in-almost-every-imaginable-game-by-Michigan team, Minnesota is second. I hope they’ll win this one. If they […]

It’s next week and I was informed that the Solar Car Team has a booth somewhere near Liberty St. Really close to my new place at Thompson. Anyway, visit for info on the annual event.

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