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So, here is the breakdown. Umicore, which showed promise to dominate the solar car race here in Australia earlier, has crashed and is out of commission. Everybody from the team is fine, fortunately. Another great team Aurora has problem too and is not in the top five. Tokai is sprinting away from the rest with […]

Reading news[0] of the University of Michigan Solar Car team leaving Darwin behind racing in the World Solar Challenge reminds me of memories forged in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti in Michigan. Friends are sometimes curious why do I give so much attention to solar car races. The reason is simply that I was part of […]

Michigan has the most successful solar car team in North America and the 2008 team has proven that yet again. Image taken from the The University of Michigan Solar Car Team Blog.

A great news from the Michigan team: My apologies for not posting this update sooner, but I’ve been in and out of the car most of the day. I was in the car when the team completed our first 60 laps of qualifying, quicker than any other team–making us the first team to qualify for […]

[1424] Of I hate Stanford

Why? For what they did to the UM Solar Car Team: In the first hour of racing today, Continuum has had an accident. Spencer Bailey was the driver of Continuum, and aside from a small scratch on his leg, he is perfectly fine. After the Stanford Solar Car Team passed our Team, they stopped abruptly, […]

As the World Solar Challenge approaches, being less than 2 months away, the team prepares. This is the latest Michigan solar car team, Continuum: Before my involvement in solar car team during my undergraduate years, I had always thought that any car built extensively with duct tape are cardboard cars or anything street-unworthy vehicles. Imagine […]

[1315] Of Continuum

Go Fast. Go Smooth. Go Blue.

And it is named Continuum. It is set to be unveiled this July 14 in Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is the most successful solar car team in North America and one the most successful university solar car teams in the world. The Dutch team still riddles Michigan in the global arena. I hope […]

I watched Ajax played against Arsenal last night. Somehow, the match reminds me of why I like Ajax in the first place � huge but local, young yet technically skillful, a darkhorse but feared by many. But Ajax has always have problems with its finishing ever since Ibrahimovic and Mido left. This was hurtfully apparent […]

Seven pieces of cake with chocolate coating and seven strawberries on top are seen today on Google’s front pape. Can’t click on the image but the image is located at (sorry but I will not hotlink it. I hate hotlinking and I wish you do too. To see it, copy and paste the URL […]

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