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This must be one of the craziest ideas ever tabled in Wikipedia. User:FritzpollBot was recently approved at Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/FritzpollBot to create stub articles for most or all of the documented villages and towns in the world in the style of User:Fritzpoll/GeoBot/Example. The BRFA means that it is approved technically, Tim Starling has confirmed that […]

The Gambia has an interesting political geography. How odd? See it for yourself: Too small? I cannot blame you. It is the smallest country in mainland Africa after all. Here, take another look: Cool, eh?

Compare this blog entry: For those who have been screaming off their heads about the so-called “Islamization” imposition (I call it a resurgence) on the country in the last few decades, they certainly would not be able to deny that because of Islam, Malaysia has seen much scientific progress and currently as it stands, are […]

[1374] Of NYT dumps TimesSelect

Just over 2 years after putting a number of high quality articles behind subscription, NYT sees the light (via): NEW YORK (Reuters) – The New York Times Co said on Monday it will end its paid TimesSelect Web service and make most of its Web site available for free in the hopes of attracting more […]

So, yeah. I was at the blogger gathering Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering 2007. I arrived at the place right on the dot but, then, Malaysian time, you know. Since almost everybody came after 1800, the whole event started late. The infamous snowball effect got on and later, a rather healthy guy riled up, sort of […]

I am not a fan of tagging but since I have been tagged twice, first by John Lee and later, Nik Nazmi, I will play along regardless. To be honest, I do not read too many blogs and those that I read, they are popular economics and political blogs hosted in the United States. If […]

After nearly two months, Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur is now live. We however are still looking for contributors and if you are interested, join us! Meanwhile, come and celebrate MBKL with us.

It has been three weeks since that post on Metblog KL. So, this is an update. There are more or less six people on board now. They are: me Walski69 of My Asylum Yeen Fern Nat of (he is still unsure but hell, he is in!) Nue of Chocowhore plonk of plonkwonk C’mon. What […]

When I left Kuala Lumpur for Ann Arbor years ago, I failed to appreciate the Malaysian capital as much as I do now. To me, earlier, the city in the Klang Valley is so chaotic that it is hard to make sense out of it, especially if one is driving. As a freshman as Michigan, […]

Let’s be honest to ourselves this once. You can’t expect more subsidy and expect taxes not to go up. You can’t expect the government to give you everything and not expect taxes to go up. You can’t both have your cake and eat it too. Well, George Carlin might disagree but he’s a comedian. C’mon. […]

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