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[2810] Merry Christmas

Because I had time…

The price of that thing you wanted to buy is RM8.95. You give out a RM10.00 bill. You get a RM1.00 bill in return. There is a 5 sen coin missing, but why fuss over it? It is only 5 sen. Except, it happens way too often and the one getting the extra 5 sen are big corporations like […]

[2082] Of Malaysia Day #47

Have a great Malaysia Day. [audio:berjaya.mp3]

One of those beautiful anthems.

Watch Astro Awani now! Yes, Hishammuddin Rais is on TV pawning the BN MP for Pasir Salak!

[1869] Of 2009!


Guys, do you remember that Pfizer plant which we used to make jokes about getting free viagra while we at Michigan? Well, the jokes just got better because Michigan is buying up that plant: The University Board of Regents unanimously approved Thursday the purchase of a 2 million-square-foot research and development facility from Pfizer Inc., […]

From Wordle (via):

Let see how this goes. Hmm, looks like the effort is an utter failure. The comment section is still empty 24 hours later.

Michiganophiles (via)? When Iraqis talk of going to the U.S., Michigan often is the place they want to see. Naturally, they are familiar with the cities of New York and Chicago and the state of Texas. But to many Iraqis, Michigan is an ideal destination. When I talk to them on the phone, they tell […]

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