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The dawn of the 21st century disappoints the part of me growing up reading works of science fiction. Here we are living in a much too glorified new century and there are still no flying cars crisscrossing the sky, no aliens from outer space walking our streets and no human bases across the solar system. We […]

Last week in Kuala Lumpur, I was at the Plaza Rakyat LRT station when a family lugging wheelie suitcases asked me whether they were at the right platform to get to KL Sentral. Being from out of town myself, I said I did not know, but continued to watch them because the two teenage daughters […]

Spending an evening at the Opera House to Hadyn and Bruckner’s is a priceless experience. I admit, the music was slow that at multiple points of time, I found that I wanted the clock to run faster but at other times, it was exciting listening to fast-paced classical evoking a sense of joy, danger or […]

Away from the chaos on the streets of Ipoh and within the hall of Perak state assembly, a storm of short messages kept coming in, flashing and distributing the latest developments faster and wider than anything imaginable in the past. Enter Twitter. This is yet another sign of evolution within the already hyperactive Malaysian Internet […]

…please tag your tweets as “#1BM” or “#1BlackMalaysia”. Remove the quotation marks. We need more sources on the ground. By the way, those already on the ground are doing a great job. p/s — follow the whole wave at

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