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I’ve been on World of Warcraft for more than 24 hours combined now since Thursday after the exam. Had some fun all day long until, earlier today, my friend successfully demonstrated the worst kind of lag I’ve had ever seen. My computer froze and all my senses could absord was the sound of the game; […]

A tribute to an easy exam. Heh, the picture didn’t turn out as good as I had expected. But now, it’s time for something serious. Something that I’ve been waiting for almost a month. Damn Amazon for that. Oh! You can’t see what that ridiculously happy guy is holding. Here: World Of Warcraft baby!

[470] Of bullshit

First, Amazon delayed my WoW order by 2 weeks. Second, my ethernet suddenly card died out on me. Now sure whether it went kaput or it just decided to take a vacation to somewhere but it seems that the archangel has got the best of it. Third, rain in January?

For those that wasted their winter break, I hope you are jealous of me. Somewhere near Key Largo, the largest key in Florida. The photo sucks since the real thing was far better. The ocean was true, clear turquoise, the clouds were cleanly white and the sky was magnificiently blue. To experience it is to […]

I had an economic class yesterday and we discussed about the economic of global warming. In the middle of lecture, the fire alarm went off and all of us had to go out, standing in the cold. I hate to be literally left in the cold. Meanwhile the sun was shining brilliantly. Thus, it was […]

Recently in Malaysia, a rape and homicide case roused the public. People were enraged. They still are. Who wouldn’t anyway when the victim was a mere 10 years old girl? Even the harsh punishment urged by Islam’s Syaria Law seems acceptable for the inhuman raper. A few moments of outrage later, a member of PAS […]

[219] Of Homeworld 2

A tribute to Sierra’s Homeworld and Homeworld 2. 1999 Best Game of the Year and hopefully, it will be the 2003 Best Game of the Year. Competition will be stiff with the upcoming release of Sierra’s Half-Life 2. Despite their success, Sierra should seriously reconsider their marketing strategyNothing can take us far enough – Homeworld, […]

[166] Of back to CM 4

Bad news people. Arsenal lost during the weekend to Leeds United and in effect, handing the Devil the champion title. And no, I haven’t won the Eresdivisie. I had third place and was sacked by the Ajax’s board. Macam haram. Third pun nak sack ke? In the real eresdivisie, Ajax is now 6 points away […]

[165] Of CM 4

Championship Manager 4 is stealing every free time i have right now. It is even stealing the time I planned to use for reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. CM 4 should be banned from the gaming world. Anyway, be back once I won the Eresdivisie. p/s – I hope Real Madrid will kick all those […]

Right now, I am just less than an hour worth of game time away from my second ship, the admirable Griffin class freighter. After weeks of playing Eve: The Second Genesis, all those patience, hours of mining the rare omber ore, running from both the authorities and the pirates, and even the patience of waiting […]

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