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He thought of all the living species that train their young in the art of survival, the cats who teach their kitten to hunt, the birds who spend such strident effort on teaching their fledglings to fly—yet man, whose tool of survival is the mind, does not merely fail to teach a child to think, but devotes […]

Prejudice against any group depends on generalization for it to take root successfully in one’s mind. Although I have to admit that sometimes there are voices in my head whispering ethnic prejudice and stereotype, I typically find it hard to harbor such sentiment for long. I have friends of ethnicities different from mine. If I […]

Although normatively one should not judge a book by its cover, positively, first impression matters. The first few lessons in economics are likely to affect a person’s perspective on the roles of government. Those who are familiar with economics and who ended up skeptical with the concept of activist government have to suffer those first […]

Not all borrowers are the same. Some are goods borrowers who repay their loans mostly on time. Others do not. Under typical market operations, the good borrowers get to pay lower rates as compared to the bad ones. This mitigate the risk of default and it discourages too many bad borrowers from borrowing. If everybody […]

The Malaysian government-setup National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) is apparently in trouble. It finds itself in a big fiscal hole. With a mandate to provide Malaysian students at local tertiary institutions with cheap source of education financing, PTPTN lends at 1% to students but borrows at much higher rates from financial institutions, according to […]

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