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Dear Securities Commission, your study guide sucks, full of typos and omissions, it’s worth only some muck.

[2501] Happy Valentine’s day

Via Greg Mankiw, from Elisabeth Fosslien. p/s — Oh, Dr. Goose rounds up the econosphere’s Twitterverse: Who says there’s no romance in monetary stimulus? Those outside of the Twitter econosphere may not know that the network was recently swept by a wave of #FedValentines, as the trend was hashtagged. It began with Penn economist Justin […]

That is my former econometrics professor at Michigan, the famed Daniel Hamermesh! And he was on the Daily Show! The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

It does describe the Malaysian situation.

The establishment that is Barisan Nasional is pretty much clueless of what is going on. Not much has changed since the Abdullah administration I guess. Here is a guide. The more insulting accusations thrown,  more individuals will get angry and more will go down and protest. This Bersih protest is becoming larger than itself, thanks […]

Hahaha via Greg Mankiw. This takes the cake. Agitated woman: Why, why do you have the sign? Man: Arr… do you disagree with it? Agitated woman: …that he’s Keynesian, that he’s like not American. Is that what you’re saying? Man: Well, we’re… we’re asking a question.

Jakim, a Malaysian federal institution responsible for Islamic affairs, together with RTM, state-owned public television and radio broadcaster, are getting creative by producing a reality TV program aimed at “unearthing talent among children in various aspects of Islam“: The progamme, which be will both entertaining and educational, was aimed at unearthing talent among children in […]

Oh, sardines! I wonder what is inside. A nuclear device? A grey goo? A really small man? It contains fish! Hooray!

Obama and committee members of the Nobel Peace Prize can go and take a hike. I am so appalled by this, that I am filing this under Humor.

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