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They jogged on through the crowd of frightened people leaving the area, while the wizard took great mouthfuls of cool dawn air. Something was puzzling him. “I’m sure all the candles went out,” he said. “So how did the Drum catch fire?” “I don’t know,” moaned Twoflower. “It’s terrible, Rincewind. We were getting along so […]

UAE scored 10 goals against Malaysia in the World Cup qualification. That is right. Ten against none. It is such a happy coincidence given the 1MDB and Najib scandals. It is UAE of all countries, the country which somebody sold Malaysia to. But up next in the schedule, for September 8, is Saudi Arabia, which […]

Folks, the PAC wants to question Jho Low but the Ministry of Finance cannot find him. Let us help our beloved government find him!

It is that part of the week again when government-sanctioned mosques deliver government-prepared sermons to all Muslims beforeFriday prayer. Here, I give you a chance to guess what will the topic be today. Hurry. The sermon will be due in an hour. You can choose up to two options.

With Chinese New Year being just around the corner, many are expected to leave Kuala Lumpur behind to visit families and relatives who live outside of the city for a week or so. Many of those living or working in the city have left the city. With the Chinese forming more than 40% of the […]

There are Harold and Kumar, after Harrod and Domar, a high rate of development, after a great pot investment.

Sandy, Sandy everywhere, Sandy messes with your hair, Sandy says she’s coming, Sandy sends everyone flying. Sandy crashes into the shore, straight into Jersey Shore, Sandy’s a storm that’s horrible, crossing a show that’s terrible. But what’s the price, of an October Surprise, when everybody expects, what everybody expects?

Taken from Reuters pictures, by Mal Langsdon:

The following letter was published by April 14 edition of The Economist in its Letters section. Unbelievable SIR – A recent issue of The Economist (March 24th) showed an Orwellian enthusiasm for the prefix “un”. I counted “un-Tory”, “un-Downton”, “un-Italian” and “un-Einsteinian”. How very unimaginative, and how very unEconomist. ADAM DALTON London Funny.

[2519] A singing bird

Oh singing bird, please let me sleep, anymore I would leap, to throw you some turd.

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